Cock-a-Doodle-Doo It’s Idea Time For You

Hello and welcome to Which Cocktail.

A site that not only gives you everything you need to create a variety of content, but a site that puts a creative twist on every idea we propagate. Here we use the word cocktail a little different. Cocktail on this site means anything that persists of dense informational content and is usually centered around arts, recipes, and creative ideas/tips. Of course our main attraction is alcoholic beverages as well as some cannabis infused drinks.

We will be releasing a product line soon of some humorous tees and other apparel also. 

Check out this easy cocktail recipe video for now:

A few things we need from you:

Good recommendations

Any time you can submit some information regarding a recipe or an idea no one else has probably heard about yet, DO IT! This community is going to be built off of each other, and to maintain it we need activity and people are willing to contribute. Please let me know if you have  any questions in regards to recommendations that we are looking for.

We will take any niche and any ideas. You wrote a guide on your favorite legal medical marijuana strains? We’d love to hear about them! You have a break through on growing your own organic pesticide free crops at home? Share it with us!

Good feedback

Letting us know how our content is will set us apart from others because we will know how to serve you precisely. We want this not only to be a source of education, but a source of growth and epic times. Please aware us at all costs. WE ACTUALLY LISTEN.

Respectful Community

This is a place where people should be able to enjoy without it throwing negativity into their lives. We have moderators that will gladly take down any harmful, rude, or disrespectful remarks. Please be aware of your character and of others lives when communicating within this great space.

What to Expect:

Drink Recipes

Some of the best cocktails we’ve heard of, and of course the lovely cannabis infused drinks from our friend Robert will be posted here also. 21 and older is a requirement to view this site and information is all subjective. We are not responsible for any misused information or health issues that may occur.

Anything from your basic martini, to an extensive island-like drink can be found here.

Food Recipes

Some of the tastiest meals and snacks will also be posted + reviewed. Food from all parts of the world are to be discussed and manifested. This is where your recommendations can really help. The power of the internet will take over.

Creative Ideas

Anytime there are some useful artsy ideas that may be interesting to the community, we share them. We try our best not to repost any old content or material that is outdated. 100 percent of what we provide is original content, or is allowed by the original creator. If you are ever interested in writing for us or submitting your work, feel free to contact us by filling out our contact form. This is the easiest way for us to receive your inquiry.

Thats all for now. We’d rather keep all the juicy details for later. If you have any suggestions please reach out to us and stay tuned for the most engaging content you’ll ever find in the food/drink/art world.