Cocktails of Life That Will Put Nails in Your Heart

The electrifying truth

Life will hit you hard no matter who you are. Everyone has those moments where they don’t understand who they are, or what they’re here for. It can be a horrible thing to experience, but also some of the best things for you. We simply can’t have the highs without the lows. As cliche as a ying and yang comparison is, it’s the best way of describing it.

As a website not only dedicated to providing you satisfactory cocktail recipes, we want to add spice into your life by bringing you content not only directed towards your drinking atmosphere but your life atmosphere. Here is our top 3 list of things in life that we all begin to realize as time goes forward.

  1. We don’t live forever.

    As cringe as it can feel, this truth is probably one of the strongest. This realization’s timing is different for everyone. Some will experience it at the early ages of their life and others not until they are already halfway through their lifetime. This thought will really throw some nails through your heart because it is easy to forget that we don’t get to do this forever. Being at peace with the inevitable factors of life is the only way to go about understanding them.

  2. Our parents/guardians aren’t invincible.

    This mainly occurs during mid to late childhood years. When you are young understanding the full spectrum of life is near impossible. Hell, it’s impossible until you die. The thought that your parent or guardian, the person you look up to, can be defeated or taken away from you is very foreign. We seem to think that they will be able to handle any harm that comes to our direction. Whether it’s the boogeyman under our bed or the bully from class. Then out of nowhere maturity hits you. You are beginning to realize there is more to this life than you once knew before. With more knowledge comes more responsibility though. Bad knowledge is part of the deal. My personal assumption is that this is partly why we experience such horrid reactions to normal life.

  3. Not everyone is who they say they are.

This can be taken in numerous ways. Whether it is your best friend for the past 5-10 years or your very own family. You will at some point have an interaction with an individual who is either purposely deceiving or unknowingly deceiving. You can’t judge a person until you’ve interacted with them a handful of times in my opinion. You may think they you know a person so incredibly well, but in reality, you only know them when they are around you; a piece of the pie. I believe people interact differently with each person they are around at the time. Truly understanding someone will take some time, so don’t be surprised if they aren’t who they said they once were. That’s life.







There you have it, folks. My top 3 take-ups on the cocktails of life that will nail put nails in your heart. I hope this wasn’t too dark or depressing. Just a little insight on some realistic scenarios. Feel free to contact us if you would like to see more of this type of content. We are always open to suggestions.


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